The 10 Hottest Latinas On Earth

Latin women come in all sizes, shapes and skin tones. The term Latina describes a culture, not a race. Anyone born in an area where the native languages was derived from Latin is considered to be a Latino. This is why you see Latinas at both ends of the spectrum, including the blonde beauty Sofia Vergara (who comes from Colombia) and the dark and sultry Nelly Furtado (whose parents come from Portugal), but then there are Rosario Dawson and Zoey Saldana, two lovely ladies who are of Afro-Latin descent.

Here are the 10 Hottest Latin Women in the world


1. Sofia Vergara

Sofia is on this list of hot Latin girls because she has a fantastic figure despite her tendency to perpetuate to the stereotype of the hot, yet dumb, Latin girl.

2. Salma Hayak

Salma is a gorgeous Latin girl who was born in Mexico of Arabic descent. The public fell in love with her when she starred in the film Fools Rush In. Her sexy accent, amazing curves and gorgeous hair turns heads everywhere she goes. This 45-year old women is the epitome of beauty and class. She looks classy whether she is wearing a formal gown or a biking and that is not easy to do.

3. Cameron Diaz

This blond bombshell made her splash in Hollywood in the film The Mask. Two decades later, she remains relevant in the industry. She is among America’s most popular actresses and she has her charm and beauty to thank for that.

4. Penelope Cruz

Even at a young age, it was obvious the camera loves Penelope. She appeared in a music video during the early 1980’s for the pop band Mecano, which comes from her native Spain. This Latin woman is something to see with flowing black hair, large brown eyes, an enchanting smile and an amazing figure.

5. Selena Gomez

She is likely to be high on any male’s guilty pleasure song list. She may not be quite as talented as the Late Selena Quintanilla, but she always looks great on stage.


6. Adriana Lima

This super model shines like very few other women can when she puts on a bikini.

7. Zoey Saldana

Staying objective for this top 10 list is difficult. Every woman listed here is talented, charming and beautiful. Zoey Saldana made playing an alien in Avatar hot and sexy. If there really were aliens on other planets who look like she does, every man on the planet would sign up to be an astronaut.

8. Shakira

This sexy singer has a knock out voice and hips to match. She can sing and she can dance. She uses everything she has to captivate the audience.

9. Eva Mendez

Eva has enjoyed a very rewarding Hollywood career with starring roles in several popular moves, including Hitch. This classic beauty has one of the best smiles on the silver screen and she exudes charm wherever she goes.


10. Giselle Bundchen

Is there anything this lady cannot do? She is included in this top 10 list for one simple reason. Super model.