Finding the Most Beautiful Girl in the World: Thailand v. The Philippines

So you absolutely love beautiful Asian women, and are uncertain whether to pursue and date a Thai or Filipina? Then you’ve come to the right place!

While it’s true that these two types of women are likely the most in-demand throughout all of Southeast Asia (SE), the truth is there are major differences and certain reasons for some as opposed to others for dating or marrying one.

Ultimately, finding the most beautiful girl in the world should be an enjoyable, positive, and meaningful adventure – so read on for the official breakdown and the “who’s who” so you can make the best decision!

Assessing Language Skills: Thai v. Filipina

A major breakdown and appeal of Filipinas over Thai girls are their ability to speak basic, to advanced and fluent English. Generally speaking, the average Filipina will speak at least a little English, if not fluently, while Thai’s often speak little to no English at all – leaving a lot of room for guessing and an overall lack of romanticism.

hot thai girl

Also, Filipinas seem to take more pride and ambition towards learning English, enjoy American music, movies, video, and more, while Thai’s seems to be equally split among other Asian cultural entertainment.

Employment: Knowing the Good v. Bad

When it comes to employment, the truth is that the average, beautiful and single Thai girl you’ll meet will have her own job and a family that does not beckon your wallet on a regular basis for every little thing.

In comparison, the Thai economy is substantially better, balanced, and growing in comparison to the Philippines, and is therefore represented when dealing or interacting with Thai people – and in particular women.

This can be extremely positive and helpful toward a relationship with a Thai girl because there is a certain added level of independence and self-sustainability.

Influence and Appearance

While Filipinas are no doubt extremely beautiful, sexy, and cute, Thai girls seem to take more care of not only their overall appearance, but also their health and diet.

Also, a lot of men that have been dating a Thai girl for a long time or are married to one have pointed out that they age better in terms of appearance over the years – again referencing self-care and dieting habits post-marriage.

sexy thai girl

Fact v. Fiction: Who’s more honest?

The truth is, while it depends on who exactly you surround yourself with or “court”, ultimately Filipinas tend to be more honest, humble, and loyal.

A lot of experienced foreigners – including those currently or previously married – would agree that Thai women can be more “hit and run” in nature, or intentionally destroy a relationship with drama when bored or tired of you.

On the other hand, many Filipinas – depending on where you go – are notorious for being “plastic”, so this is definitely something to look out for.

Overall, as far as life-partner goes, Filipinas are the best – although again Thai women seem to be more romantic, and sensual.

Religion and Reality: Who Follows More?

The truth is, overall, while the Philippines undoubtedly is a predominantly Catholic country, foreigners would agree that Thais seem to more happily, consistently, and with pride abide by Buddhist teachings.

sexy filipina

It isn’t to say that one’s a bad catholic and the other a good Buddhist, but rather, that the idea or claim of being something and following said rules, versus regularly practicing seems to vary greatly between these two countries and types of women.

In all fairness, some might make the argument that (Thais) practicing Buddhism is more demanding and easier to identify true commitment regularly in comparison to Catholic Filipinos – but naturally this is up for debate.

Personality and Tradition: Filipinas v. Thai Girls

Lastly, Filipinas appear to be more open-minded, loving, and sincere with personal displays of affection (PDA), among several other loyal behaviors and compassionate pride of their relationships – while Thai women appear to be more laid back, otherwise confident, or unwitting.

In comparison, Filipinas are overall more conservative, although attentive to their looks while they are perhaps more commonly known for less-quality dressing or appearance, they do seem to take equally if not superior pride in this, no matter their budget. Again, you see, we are comparing economies, availability of funds, and also personalities or trends.

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Ultimately, of course, the deciding factor for finding the most beautiful girl in the world – that will truly make you happy – will come down to a host of variables, including where you go, with who, and for how long.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that depending on the “class”, or types of environments you interact with beautiful, single Asian women your experiences might vary greatly.

So, who’s the best, most beautiful option for you? Well, that depends on if you have an interest in a short-term or long-term relationship, and what types of women and personality traits are most important to you.