African Countries With the Most Beautiful Women

Africa is extremely diverse, and this diversity encompasses everything from the culture to the food and, of course, the languages. As far as women are concerned, Africa has some of the most beautiful on the planet, and that is no exaggeration.

A common question that arises whenever this particular topic is being discussed is: which African country has the most beautiful women?  Well, let’s delve into that.


benin girlsThis small West African country is not exactly the richest. Be that as it may, it does have its fair share of beautiful women. In Benin, you will find both light-skinned and dark women.

Most hold strongly to their traditions and, therefore, prefer to sit back at home and take care of the children (this in itself is a thing of beauty).

They are also very fond of their traditional clothing — a beautifully colored wrap that is tied above the bosom and extends to the legs.

Quite a number of these women have full hips. But then again this is Africa we are talking about so expect a lot of that.

Ivory Coast

girls of ivory coast

Ivory Coast’s capital Abidjan used to be known as petite Paris before the civil war. It’s still a great city, but that’s not our interest; its women are. This country also has very attractive women spread throughout the country.

Just like in Benin, here too you will find both dark and light-skinned beauties. In the cities, you will come across modernized women with lots of makeup, short skirts and the sway of a model on the catwalk.

If you are looking for that rustic Ivorian beauty, however, you will have to go the villages. The women here like to keep it natural.


nigerian girlsThe women of Nigeria have been accused of being too loud and aggressive. Indeed, there is some truth in this, but it wouldn’t be fair to blatantly give them that label. There are very many Nigerian women who are humble and laid back.

While in Nigeria, you will see women with a lot of makeup, interesting hairdos and outfits. Most women here also have full behinds, bosoms and lips which might leave you staring (especially the first two).

A few Nigerian women bleach their skin because they have been made to believe that black and beauty just can’t be used in the same sentence. Is this a big problem? Not really. Therefore, expect to meet scores of extremely attractive all-natural lasses.


ethiopian girlsIt is impossible to talk about beautiful women in Africa without touching on Ethiopia. The Ethiopian beauty is very natural. Most women here don’t have to use any ‘additions’ in order to look great.

Quite a number let their unconditioned, African hair fall freely, and it’s absolutely beautiful. You’ll love their eyes and not to forget their enchanting smiles.

To say the least, Ethiopian beauty is authentically African.


egyptian girlsWe all know Egypt as one of those countries where women cover themselves from head to toe.

However, behind those hijabs and burkhas are wonders of nature. Egyptian women have a very distinct Arabian beauty. Their eyes, lips, and hair will simply blow you away.

Other African countries with very beautiful women include Rwanda, Somalia and South Africa.