10 Hottest Filipina Women

Every man should know that Filipinas are some of the most exotic, elegant, sexiest women in the world. Filipinas always make sure they look their best, and many women from the Philippines make it big as models, stars, and actresses thanks to their exquisite, seducing physical features and incredibly creative, nurturing personalities.

Angel Locsin in her famous role Darna

1) Angel Locsin

Up first is one of the sexiest, talented, and sweetest Filipina stars known to men. Originally from Santa Maria, Philippines, she’s played a superhero as “Darna” in the TV Mars Ravelo comics.

She is now a successful commercial model, film producer, and fashion designer. She has also starred in very popular movies such as In The Name Of Love, and One More try. Angel has even won an International Emmy Award. Sexy, talented, and a superhero, the perfect combination!

Model Kelsey Merritt in a bath tub filled with flower petals

2) Kelsey Merritt

Originating from Pampanga, Philippines, Kelsey Merritt is a natural beauty, a Filipina that looks super sexy with or without makeup.

While now based in London, Kelsey made her way to stardom by being recruited by the Wilhelmina Modeling agency. A killer smile, and a fresh look in every one of her shoots, Kelsey definitely is at the top of our 20 Sexiest Filipinas list.the artsy Marga Esquivel

3) Marga Esquivel

Marga is a very artsy, original fashion model that has done gigs for Gucci, Chanel, Marc Jacon, and more. Marga is extremely creative, frequently dying her hair very unusual, and original colors and styles from purple to red. She also uses very unique, sexy and original contacts lenses such as cat eyes in some of her most popular photoshoots.

Marga has traveled quite a bit for her modeling career, from New York to Paris, all the way to London and Stockholm. She is now based out of a modeling agency in LA, and frequently does modeling for both the Philippines and the United States.

very sexy model turned supermodel Danica Magpantay

4) Danica Magpantay

Danica is a very sexy model turned supermodel. From the Philippines to NYC, she has a lengthy background of traveling and shooting for various modeling agencies around the world. She also happens to be the daughter of Filipino supermodel Lala Flores, so it should be no mystery where she gets her sexy looks from.

Danica has even competed in and won the Ford Supermodel of the World competition in 2011, making her only the second ever Filipino to win such a competition in the history of the Philippines!

Danica has a booming Instagram, and you can follow her adventures there and learn more about why she’s got the cutest chic pixie cut of all Filipina models.

delectable body of Charo Ronquillo

5) Charo Ronquillo

Ronquillo had an early start, beginning her modeling career at the young age of 17, and already competing in the Ford Supermodel World Competition. Ronquillo has appeared in shoots for Lacoste, Tory Burch, Kenneth Cole, Zaldy by Gwen Stefani, and starred in Benetton New York’s Fashion Week back in 2009-2010.

She also has been a contestant and model on the TV series Project Runway. She has eccentric, dark at just the right tone, smooth caramel skin and a face that’s just too easy to fall in love with. Ronquillo absolutely adores puppies, and you will find many shots of her in puppy cameos.

the ever beautiful and seductive Solenn Heussaff

6) Solenn Heussaff

Solenn is a very beautiful Filipina originally from Makati, Philippines. She has been a model, actress, music artist, and even makeup artist. She is tall, sexy, and has very mesmerizing, dark brown eyes. She’s got the long, wavy brown hair of a princess, and has been on several popular Filipino television shows.

In fact, Solenn is popular to many for starring in Survivor Philippines – so you can imagine she’s got the fit, sexy physique to back up her name and modeling career.

innocent beauty of Charlene Almarvez

7) Charlene Almarvez

Charlene, often going by the name “Char” is an exquisite, talented supermodel that jumpstarted her modeling career by winning the Ford Supermodel Of the World Philippines 2009 award.

She made it all the way to Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2010 and was the first runner up, being a top competitor, also winning a $150,000 dollar Ford Models representation contract. “Char”, has appeared in US Glamour Magazine, Glamour Italia, the Chinese Vogue, and even the Russian edition of Elle.

She has done lots of modeling gigs in New York for various product and fashion lines, and remains a very popular supermodel today. For any man that finds height attractive, Char comes in at an impressively sexy 5”11!

Miss Turismo Filipino 2009 Emmerie Cunanan

8) Emmerie Cunanan

Emmerie started her career off as a beauty queen, originating in Pandan, Antique, Philippines. She has won the Miss Turismo Filipino award in 2009, and the Lin-ay kang Antique back in 2008. She has competed in the Miss Philippines Earth beauty pageant and has been crowned Miss Philippines Water back in 2010.

Giving back to the earth, some call her the “Princess of Water”, as she actively participates and fights for the Miss Earth Foundation – an organization founded on both environmental and social humanitarian outreach programs and rights.

Carla Abellana flashing a lovely smile

9) Carla Abellana

Both a career actress and commercial model, Carla is extremely popular today in the Philippines as being known for her starring role in the original and quite controversial television series My Husbands Lover. She has also surprisingly starred in a Mexican telenovela called Rosalinda, by GMA Network.

Originally from Santa Mesa, Manilla, Philippines Carla has been modeling and acting for many years, and has done several guest-hosting gigs on popular Filipino networks. Impressively enough, along with her very sensual looks, Carla attended the well reputed De La Salle University, majoring in Psychology and finished her undergraduate studies there.

Wendy Valdez in a hot outdoor pictorial

10) Wendy Valdez

Valdez has been a both very popular, and successful beauty pageant contestant, competing in both national and international pageants. Valdez, viewed by many as the “bad girl” from the popular TV series Big Brother has a very sexy look and attitude to her.

She also happens to be quite educated, graduating with a B.A. in Mass Communication from Far Eastern University in 2007. She has been married once, but as far anyone knows now she is a bachelorette up for the taking – if you think you’re up to the challenge! Valdez is known for some of her popular, sexy photo shoots in which she’s posed with exotic animals with her skin tight bikinis and super fit body.